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Test over 40+ aspects of any website. Test for everything.

Test and monitor your websites for SEO, social, accessibility, speed, mobile, performance and more. 

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Test your sites for accessibility, usability, SEO and over 40+ quality issues

Real-time dashboards

Create a quick dashboard for any website, client or competitor and keep an eye in real-time on Google Analytics, Moz rank, Social stats, uptime and many more things. Go full screen or display on a public monitor. Keep an eye on the important metrics of your site.

Tests and Tools
Go deeper with detailed tests

Further analyse any site for over 40+ different aspects. Run reports, searches and checks on usability, compatibility and SEO. You can export some data too into a PDF report to send to clients or copy & paste into your own. White-label all the way.

Insights and actions to help you

If there's something wrong or that can be improved you'll get a notification with a hint on how to go about it. Make these improvements yourself, hire a gun to take care of it or make these suggestions to clients. We want you to look good. We want you to succeed in your projects and rock your clients.

Improve your site
Improve any website you have

Whether you are a beginner webmaster, professional hacker or a design agency, Peek will give you the insight and monitoring that really matters. Get the key metrics of the websites you are involved with and rank higher in search engines. You will also be able to improve the user experience and compatibility of your websites.

Tests and tools to cover all areas of your sites

From small businesses to big companies, and from SEO to performance enhancements, Peek covers a wide variety of factors to give you the information you need to make decisions to analyse and optimise an unlimited number of websites. For you and your clients.

Headings Meta data Search Engine results Page juice Moz ranking Sitemaps Backlinks
Amount of content Printability ALT text Favicons Underscores in URLs In-page links Privacy checks
W3c compliance Mobile optimization Flash detection iFrame detection URL format htaccess files Stylesheets
Site speed Site uptime Analytics Missing files Popularity Social interest Content keywords
  • Built for webmasters
  • Built for PRO freelancers
  • Built for agencies
  • Use Peek to improve your site's performance and SEO

    Website owners and professionals use Peek to gain a deeper knowledge and control of their website. They also use it to quickly find and fix errors, improve their SEO ranking, as well as to analyse and learn from the competition.

    Do your competitors always seem to rank higher than you? Analyse their site for weaknesses and see how you could make improvements to your own site to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Freelancers use Peek to monitor their portfolio of websites

    Professional freelancers use Peek to improve the SEO ranking of their client's sites and get some accurate information to suggest ideas to improve their performance. They also use it to gain intelligence about any sales prospects, for a more effectives sales pitch.

    Save time and energy by exporting the white-labelled PDF report, or copy and pasting the data into your own document template. Impress your clients with ideas on how you can improve their site and win more business and brownie points in the process.

  • Track & fix your website's weaknesses and launch with less stress

    Web design studios, teams and agencies use Peek to check sites before they launch and make sure nothing is broken or can be quickly improved. They also use it to analyse potential client's websites to find their weaknesses and sell them web design and SEO services. 

    You can use Peek to keep your current clients happy with performance reports and actions needed to keep their sites improving over time. Setup a dashboard for each client and impress them with a real-time view of their site's key metrics - on your laptop, iPad or a public display.

Feedback from some lovely users

David Perk

David Perk

Web Designer, Keepsake Media

"Peek is an amazing (and ingenious) tool for not only making your websites more effective, but I use it as a selling tool too!"

Erik Muniz

Erik Muniz

Head of Marketing / Strategy, Aloy Group

"We use this a lot to present improvements to clients and monitor our link-building consultants"


Jack Daniel

Freelance Web Designer,

"I would highly recommend Peek to anyone looking to gain a higher site ranking and increase organic traffic to their site".

Powered by the latest web technologies and key metrics

Uptime Robot
Google Insights + PageSpeed

Use Peek to sell your own SEO services and do SEO audits

Use these reports and tests as your own and monitor customers' sites over time. Give them plenty of ideas for improvement in a simple format clients can understand. Keep current customers happy or use it to tout for more.

Clear pricing. No contracts, no monthly fees (subscriptions), no surprises

With email support and great software, you can rely on Peek for your web and client projects.

  • There's more than just me. Which license should I get?

    Each purchase of Peek allows you one account. That account is used to login to the application. Users can login to the app on any machine, with no restrictions. The license is based on humans and not machines. So if there's more users of Peek than just you at your company you need to buy a volume license (Teams and Agencies). That depends on the amount of people. Have a look and see which applies. You can come back and buy more licenses anytime, as your company grows. If you need for even more people than shown, get in touch.

  • Is there anything to install? Can I use this on Mac or Windows?

    No and yes. Peek is a web application so nothing to install and you can access from any browser, on a Mac or a PC.

    There is a native Mac OS X app and a Google Browser app available to connect to Peek even more easily. But any machine with a web browser will be golden, which includes Mac, PC, Linux and Tablets.

  • What does the "1 year of updates" include?

    The "1 year of updates" includes priority business support via email and phone, unlimited upgrades and major releases as well as software updates and patches.

  • Is there a contract or monthly fee?

    No, no contract. No monthly fees and no surprises. You only need to pay again one day for major version upgrades, or if you want more updates after a year. But it's optional.